Board Members

Note: Only CIH designations are listed below. Officers and board members may have additional professional certificates.

2022 - 2024 Officers and Executive Boards

MIHS Officers

Michael Manning
Industrial Hygienist
General Motors
Tel: 586-713-2344
Email: manningmichael2@gmaildotcom
Term: 2024-2025
Liz Nunez, CIH
General Motors
Tel: 315-254-7616
Email: eaknight12@gmaildotcom
Term: 2024-2025
Adam Calisti, CIH
University of Michigan
Tel: 734-763-5641
Email: adamcalisti@gmaildotcom
Term: 2023-2025
Lynn Totsky
State of Michigan
MIOSHA Consultation Education and Training Division, Onsite Health Program
Note: While performing MIHS duties, is not a representative of MIOSHA
Tel: 734-634-1822
Email: lynntots@yahoodotcom
Term: 2023-2025

Dave Fogle, CIH
University of Michigan – Dearborn
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
Tel : 313-402-0339
Email : dfoglecih@gmaildotcom
Term: 2024-2025

MIHS Board Members

Anthony Oliveri
State of Michigan
MDHHS Division of Environmental Health
Note: While performing MIHS duties, is not a representative of MDHHS
Tel: 815-353-5488
Email: anoliveri@gmaildotcom
Term: 2023-2025
John DiCerbo, CIH
Consumers Energy
Tel: 586-944-4730
Email: jadicerbo@gmaildotcom
Term: 2024-2026
Matt Macomber, CIH
State of Michigan
MIOSHA General Industry Safety & Health Division
Note: While performing MIHS duties, is not a representative of MIOSHA
Tel: 989-758-1515
Email: macomberm@michigandotgov
Term: 2023-2025
  Matt Repka
University of Michigan
Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)
Operational Health and Safety
Tel : 734-647-6673
Email : repka@umichdotedu
Term : 2024–2026

William Kilgore, CIH (1980-2022)
General Motors – retired
Tel: 248-773-9105
Email: williambkilgore@aoldotcom
Term: 2023-2025

Abas Shkembi
University of Michigan School of Public Health
Tel: 586-707-0139
Email: ashkembi@umichdotedu
Term: 2024-2026

Brad Burcz
Forensic Analytical Consulting Services
Tel: 586-554-1026
Email: bradley.burcz@forensicanalyticaldotcom
Term 2023-2025
Eric Allen
The Christman Company
Tel: 313-525-1983
Email: eric.allen.mihs@gmaildotcom
Term: 2024-2026

MIHS Organizational Members

Each year the activities of the MIHS have been supported by our Organizational Members. The MIHS appreciates the support and generosity of our Organizational Members.

Member of American Industrial Hygiene Association - Michigan Section

Founded in 1938, the Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society is composed of highly trained professionals who service the communities’ environmental and occupational health needs.

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