The Golden Impinger Award

At the Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society’s (MIHS) Annual Business Meeting, several long time members and pillars of the Michigan industrial hygiene community have been recognized for their dedicated service and accomplishments by receiving The MIHS’s Golden Impinger Award. The Golden Impinger is MIHS’s highest award of recognition of its membership.

On behalf of the MIHS membership our sincere thanks and congratulations to the Golden Impinger recipients for their dedicated service and advancement of industrial hygiene practice in Michigan.

In 2007, five Golden Impinger awards were awarded due to being a “catch up” year; beginning in 2008, no more than one Golden Impinger will be awarded annually, unless voted by the MIHS Board.

The criteria for consideration for a Golden Impinger are rigorous. For example the candidate must have:

  • worked full time as an industrial hygienist for 20 or more years;
  • made consistent and significant contribution as an industrial hygiene leader, teacher, researcher, mentor, or innovator;
  • contributed to improving and increasing the visibility of industrial hygiene in Michigan and elsewhere;
  • demonstrated leadership and cooperation in the professional and non-professional communities;
  • been recognized and respected by his/her peers and related professional organizations; and not previously received an MIHS Golden Impinger.

2024 Golden Impinger Awardee

  • Tim Kearney

2019 Golden Impinger Awardee
•   William Kilgore

2018 Golden Impinger Awardee
  • Jim D’Arcy

2017 Golden Impinger Awardee

  • Cynthia Ostrowski

2016 Golden Impinger Awardee

  • No award presented

2015 Golden Impinger Awardee

  • No award presented

2014 Golden Impinger Awardee

  • Lynn O’Donnell

2013 Golden Impinger Awardees

  • Andrew Crause
  • Ken Robinson

2012 Golden Impinger Awardee

  • Laura Randall

2011 Golden Impinger Awardee

  • Pier-George Zanoni

2010 Golden Impinger Awardee

  • Sarunas “Sharkey” Mingela

2009 Golden Impinger Awardee

  •   No award presented

2008 Golden Impinger Awardee

  • Don Hart

2007 Golden Impinger Awardees

  • Bill Cleary
  • Leonard Jensen PhD
  • Edward Kerfoot PhD
  • Gene X. Korsha
  • Gerald Sattelmeier

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Founded in 1938, the Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society is composed of highly trained professionals who service the communities’ environmental and occupational health needs.

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