Member of American Industrial Hygiene Association - Michigan Section

Founded in 1938, the Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society is composed of highly trained professionals who service the communities’ environmental and occupational health needs.

James B. D'Arcy Research Article : Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene: 2022 to present

2024 – Personalized 3D - printed frames to reduce leak from N95 filtering facepiece respirators: A prospective crossover trial in health care workers, Darius Chapman, Campbell Strong, Shahid Ullah, Lauren Richards, and Anand N. Ganesan, Volume 20, Issue 7 / July 2023

2023 – Benefits and limitations of field-based monitoring approaches for respirable dust and crystalline silica applied in a sandstone quarry, Emanuel Cauda, Eric Dolan, Andrew Cecala, Kyle Louk, Milan Yekich, Lauren Chubb, and Andrew Lingenfelter, Volume 19, Issue 12 / December 2022

2022 – Personal and Area Exposure Assessment at a Stainless-Steel Fabrication Facility: An Evaluation of Inhalable, Time-Resolved PM10, and Bioavailable Airborne Metals, Ashley Newton, Karin Adams, PhD, CIH, Berrin Serdar, L.Miriam Dickinson, and Kristen Koehler, Volume 18, Issue 2 / February 2021

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